New Employment-Driven ‘Transition Assistance Program’ Schedules First Event to Take Place Feb. 22 in LA

World’s largest entertainment marketing community rebrands as ‘Promax’ and kicks off 'We Love What You Do' campaign

LOS ANGELES  – February 12, 2019 
Promax has launched two new initiatives, the first focused on expanding its worldwide membership base into new areas and, the second to provide career transitioning guidance to its existing marketing professional members. These initiatives were announced today by Promax President and CEO Steve Kazanjian. Mr. Kazanjian disclosed that Promax is launching a new Digital and Theatrical Unit to attract marketing executives from these sectors by developing new genre-specific programs that address their needs. Bringing marketers from other entertainment categories into the Promax community will benefit new and existing membership through providing new levels of community, insights and support.  The new unit will expand upon Promax’ best-in-class professional development activities that embrace the career advancement and inspirational spirit that Promax has provided members in the Television industry for more than 60 years.  This will include awards (for example, the addition of theatrical awards categories to the annual Promax North America Awards) - events, speakers and related skills enhancement programs.
To further serve members’ career needs during a time of dramatic industry change and disruption, Promax is also launching a new, first of its kind, employment-directed service ─ the Transition Assistance Program (TAP).  TAP is geared to inform and prepare marketers, across all entertainment verticals, and who are looking to transition from one sector to another within their current organizations or are pursuing new positions with emerging digital entertainment and OTT companies. The first quarterly TAP workshop will be held February 22nd in Los Angeles.  
Beginning in 2019, in addition to live workshops and networking events, TAP will provide a robust suite of out-placement and transitional support tools throughout the year, both online and face-to-face.  These will include curated content, a live and on-demand webinar training series, and, eventually, one-on-one career coaching sessions during which members can work with a Promax-sanctioned executive career coach. 

In addition to TAP, Promax is also unveiling the new programs:

--> PromaxConnect will offer a members-only, online expert-exchange and knowledge bank repository where members can connect with each other and share best practices along with video content examples of their work.  A beta-version of PromaxConnect will be unveiled at Promax Europe in March that will also feature a career-focused informational center.

--> Promax Direct, is a new program that will provide member companies with access to customized workshops that feature insights delivered on-site by Promax’ industry-leading marketing experts.  The topics covered in Promax Direct sessions will be geared to specific needs of the member company.
Mr. Kazanjian commented, “The new Promax mandate centers on two main areas: Expanding our membership community on a global basis, and offering new services to our existing members that further drives career development of marketers at all stages of their careers.  Today’s announcements show that we’re embracing this new mission in a tangible way, and are well-positioned to help our members navigate the new opportunities and challenges emerging with the exciting major pivot now occurring in our industry.” 
TAP, PromaxConnect and Promax Direct join existing professional development platforms provided by Promax, such as Promax Mentoring, Promax Promo Pathway – which offers the nation’s first accredited, year-long on-air promotions training curriculum (produced in partnership with Santa Monica College) – and Promax Thrive, an immersive, accelerated leadership education program for rising leaders.

Finally, Promax has rebranded itself, unveiled a new logo (see above), and announced that the global alliance will, moving forward, be referred to simply as “Promax” rather than PromaxBDA.  The rebrand was led by Promax Head of Marketing & Brand Jennifer Ball, and developed by branding agency loyalkaspar, with music and sonic created by Man Made Music. Ms. Ball revealed that to help create increased awareness for the brand and new offerings, Promax is launching a new marketing campaign leading into Valentine’s Day - themed “We Love What You Do” (Link to campaign assets). The campaign was co-created by Promax through a unique collaboration of Promax members including executives at loyalkaspar, A+E Networks and BPG Agency.
Regarding the new campaign, Ms. Ball noted, “I’m excited to witness this latest chapter in Promax’ evolution.  We work in this creative universe of entertainment marketing – and are part of an inspiring, global community in which competitors encourage other members to raise the bar just as colleagues would.  It is important to celebrate the amazing work being done at a time where the sheer volume of great content and increased choices requires the support of great, strategic marketing.”
As part of the rebrand, the alliance’s 2019 tent-pole conferences and events – including Promax Europe 2019 (Amsterdam, March 25-26), the 2019 Promax Conference (Los Angeles, June 3-6), Promax Station Summit 2019 (Las Vegas, June 17-21) and PromaxGames 2019 (San Francisco, Apr. 17) – will align with the pillars of the new Promax, which are:  Advancing Growth, Inspiring Innovation, Celebrating Excellence, Championing Creativity, and Fostering Community.  Finally, Promax will continue to expand its recognition of the best work in the industry through its high-profile award programs, i.e., the Promax Global Excellence Awards, the Promax North America Awards, the Promax Europe Awards, and the Promax Games Awards

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