Professional Development

Thrive Executive Mentor Program

The Thrive Executive Mentorship Program is a unique opportunity for executives to receive exclusive training while guiding the next generation of industry leaders.

Using an integrated approach of training, mentorship, coaching, and industry engagement, Thrive participants develop and apply managerial tools, strategies and acumen necessary to lead within their organizations and the media marketing industry at large. The Thrive Executive Mentorship program matches Thrive participants with executive mentors ready to help guide them to develop the strategies necessary to accelerate their career and personal growth.

As senior leaders in the industry, seldom are you personally provided with opportunities to expand your own learning as well as give back. The Thrive Executive Mentorship Program not only provides you with the opportunity to mentor, mentors are given exclusive training and development opportunities to expand your own leadership as well as access to a Master Executive Coach if you need a brainstorming partner or additional thought leadership and resources.

Benefits of Being a Thrive Executive Mentor:

  • Gain personal satisfaction from sharing your own knowledge and insights
  • Enhance coaching, feedback, leadership and networking skills
  • Experience new and different creative styles, approaches and thought processes
  • Receive mentorship, leadership, and executive training
  • Expand your reputation as a leader beyond your organization
  • Self-reflect on career experience and future career growth

Program begins: November 2018
Program concludes: June 2019 at the Thrive Graduation at the Promax conference

The program kicks off with an exclusive one-hour executive training session in October, followed by a mid-program training session, and concluding with a Thrive and Mentor workshop at June conference.
Mentors and mentees are recommended to meet at least every other week. Between sessions, mentors and mentees correspond via email and phone calls to maintain and strengthen communication channels.

For more information about becoming a Thrive Executive Mentor, please contact paul.lee@promax.org

Thrive is made possible by the generous support of the Promax Leadership Through Diversity Partners:

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