Promax Promo Pathway 2020

We know how hard it is to find ambitious young talent with the skills to hit the ground running in our industry. The Promo Pathway Class of 2020 has just finished a rigorous 12-month journey in promo and marketing, taught by Promax members.

As you and your team consider your hiring needs for the upcoming months, we hope you will take a closer look at our Promo Pathway graduates. They are excited about our industry, engaged in the conversations around evolving trends and platforms, and ready to work.

Please check out the reels and bios in our Graduate Profiles created through our Leadership Through Diversity partners. We would be delighted to introduce you to any graduates who think would be a good fit for your team.

Many thanks for your continued support of Promo Pathway.

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Promo Pathway is a collaboration of Promax and Santa Monica College. Founded in 2011, it is the first accredited creative promotions training program in the United States.

The 12-month program immerses emerging talent in our industry through a hands-on curriculum giving students a comprehensive understanding of entertainment marketing and promotion, so they graduate with the essential skills needed to launch their careers as creatives. Interactive courses include a combination of design, editing, writing, and much more by a faculty of industry professionals.

The program graduates receive internships and networking opportunities through one-on-one creative coaching and professional development workshops. Anchored in diversity, equity, and inclusion, Promo Pathway connects Promax members with ambitious talent, ready to join the workforce.

Promo Pathway changes the narrative from “I fell into this career” to “I chose this career.”

2020 Graduate Profiles
Lauren Jones

Lauren Jones is a preditor and marketer. Her passion is to solve the disconnect between entertainment and social justice through impactful storytelling. Lauren’s strengths as a diverse, millennial woman brings a unique perspective to drive relevant content in an ever changing market. Her love for details and working in cross functional teams, has proven successful in her role as an event and program coordinator. She curated and marketed over 100 in-person and digital events between UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs and StubHub. Lauren is inspired by the work of Ava DuVernay and strives to combine her personal and career aspirations in a creative role. She looks forward to adding value with her marketing, editing, and producing skills and being an exceptional asset to an agency or studio. Lauren enjoys meditating, reality TV (Bachelor, anyone?) and psychological thrillers. She received her bachelor’s degrees in African American Studies and Geography at UCLA.

Tyler J. Smith is a passionate producer + editor (Preditor) with a demonstrated history of working in the entertainment industry and corporate sector. Skilled in Digital Marketing, Social Media, Video Editing, YouTube Marketing, and Video Production. His interests lie in producing meaningful and emotionally charged content. Whether that emotion is gut-wrenching fear, fierce suspense, or sheer comedy, Tyler wants to evoke a stroke connection between the content and the audience. Utilizing his abilities for storytelling, Tyler enjoys creating both advertisements for businesses as well as Youtube short-form content. His goals are geared towards one day becoming emerged in the film and TV industry. And thanks to his incredible experience with Promo Pathway he finds himself heading in that direction full throttle.

Fernando Balzan Fernando Balzan was born in Caracas, Venezuela. By 19 years old he was working as a screenwriter for a comedy TV show modeled after Saturday Night Live, writing for Venezuela’s most famous comedian. Fernando also worked as technical director for a local TV station and as assistant director on a low-budget horror film. He received his degree as film maker from Universidad Del Cine in Buenos Aires, Argentina. There he won at a film festival as well as receiving nominations in several international film festivals. He returned to Venezuela to work as the on-air manager for Avila TV where he improved his skills as video editor and copy writer. Using this knowledge, he landed a job at A&E Latino as Senior Copy Producer, creating campaigns for both the Mexican and South American markets. Five years ago, Fernando moved to Los Angeles where he learned how to speak English, began freelance videographer work, and became a part of the Promo Pathway Program. He wants to work as promo video editor.

Joelle Brianne Graham

A love for storytelling and music first led Joelle Brianne Graham to a bachelor degree in musical theatre in her home state of Ohio. After several years working on both coasts as a professional actor on broadway, TV, commercials, and VO, she found herself drawn to the creativity on the other side of the camera; first as producer, then as a writer/director and finally discovering her favorite role as editor when lack of post-production budgets forced her to learn Media Composer in order to finish cherished projects! “Becoming a Promo Preditor is exciting not only because it’s a role that allows me to combine all the storytelling skills I’ve acquired into one job, but also because there is a very cool movement happening in promo marketing that is an opportunity to affect social change!” Off set and outside of the editing bay, you can find Joelle fantasizing about travel, bingeing the latest nutrition science, vintage shopping, or in the kitchen trying to recreate healthier versions her grandma’s favorite Filipino dishes!

Kenneth (Kenny) Chow is a trilingual producer, marketer, and content creator proudly versed in Mandarin, Cantonese and English. He loves leading and fostering a collaborative environment. Kenny led this year’s cohort in a 5-week project from concept to market, delivering a website, fun promos, and engaging social media campaign. Additionally, as a Preditor, he strives to create captivating campaigns and storytelling across social media, film and television. He is very excited to build a career producing culturally inclusive marketing messages and content for global audiences. His goal is to increase diversity in entertainment, international viewership, and profitability at an agency, production company, or studio, by building alliances. He aspires to increase harmony and empathy to strengthen a better understanding of cultures around the world. At the end of the day, Kenny is an expert cat-herder! Don’t be surprised if he starts a multicultural karaoke group within your organization.

As a kid growing up from humble beginnings life hasn’t always been so favorable for me and often times found myself dealing with tough things in life. But somehow through it all I ALWAYS find a way to WIN !!! This is the story of my life from trauma to triumph. Darnell Crawford is a recording artist, video promo predictor, entrepreneur, phillumenists, and we’ll all around hustler and future motivational speaker and New York Times best selling author. Follow me via social: Facebook: Darnell Crawford Instagram: Glorytunez Twitter: Glorytunez

Carlos Flores-Gamboa

Carlos Flores-Gamboa is a producer, editor, and sound engineer. Growing up in LA as an immigrant “Dreamer,” Carlos is hardworking and driven by his past struggles/accomplishments, which have forged a unique narrative and resilient character, and he takes pride in providing the best. As a “Preditor,” his goals include producing creative and moving stories while crafting memorable imagery/sound. Besides entertainment marketing/editing, Carlos has been recognized by numerous theater groups for his contributions and commitment as a session guitarist in various musical theater productions. Music and literature are two pillars of Carlos’ creative persona. As a current project manager, Carlos knows how to work well with large projects and personalities, while getting the job done! Carlos looks forward to a career at a production company, ad agency or studio where he can use his creative skills in writing, producing, and editing to tell captivating stories within a collaborative team.

Amanda Fuentes Lopez

Amanda Fuentes Lopez is a bilingual Mexican American video editor and producer, who specializes in digital content, writing, and marketing. Amanda’s journey started as a young child developing a fondness for creative writing, which in time unraveled into a passion for storytelling. This eventually led her to join Venice Art’s Creative Pathway program; where she began to build experience with screenwriting, cinematography, production, and directing. There her script was chosen to be developed into a short film, where for the first time she had both the opportunity and resources, to take an idea from paper to the screen and see her vision come to life. From there stemmed a commitment to herself, that there was no goal or idea that was impossible to achieve and execute. Amanda is determined to be a key in cultivating new method’s in order to improve equitability and inclusiveness in today’s society and media entertainment. She intends to do so by sharing compelling, and impactful stories.

My name is Moises Lopez and I’m a Los Angeles native. I grew up in a lower middle class family; living in a working class-blue collar city called Bell. Believe it or not, this is a city in the county; and believe it or not, it’s an actual city (google it). Expectations are low and any chance of creating is a pipe dream here when the mundane is the outcome; but how it’s beautiful to dream. With many of us: becoming complacent of our ambitions, for others, the timing isn’t right, some are pulled back into the impoverishment of their situation, being swallowed by their circumstances, and a few are given an opportunity. I have been through what’s stated above and back and I’m glad that I did (in hindsight) because it put me in this particular moment now, typing this. Albeit, I’m given this opportunity, I know it doesn’t stop here; what’s ahead for me I'm unsure, but I'm not afraid because faith is stronger on an empty stomach.

Name's James O'Heron. Interests: Video Editing | Glitch Animations | Audio Reactors | Writing something Compelling. Hobbies: Console Gaming, PS4 Decision Driven Narratives | Anime | Youtube Content. Software's: Premiere | After Effects | Photoshop. I aspire to be like Glitch Artist Eduard Mykhailov. Most of everything I've composited has been based on a whim or has been inspired by something I've Seen, Heard or Felt. I also like to include a description as to why I made a post or how I made it. Going into Promo Pathways has given me the opportunity to go wild with Sound Design, Music Choice, Shot choices, and composite Flashy Graphics. Furthermore, If you're as much of a maniac for Glitch Aesthetic as I am then I'm your go-to guy for it. And that should be enough to gauge your perception of me haha.

Hi there! My name is Judy Reyes and my PASSION is creating and contributing to the power of Originality, Storytelling, and Teamwork. I am a seasoned, bilingual, highly motivated self-starter Angelino, well versed in writing, editing, program coordinating, sound design and mixing, as well as original music composition. Being a studio producer, music composer, an educator for over 10 years has helped mold my passion and continues to inspire me to contribute to telling stories that will impact us all and change the narrative of dynamic engagement. As a creator, I enjoy discovering and learning to understand what true storytelling is really about, US! I am eager to be an asset to a Team that is willing to realize an opportunity for me, will be another contributing factor to the success of your project. I look forward to continuing to bring a unique, motivating dynamic energy when given the opportunity to prove endless possibilities.

My name is Austin Rodriguez and this all started with my Mom's Sony Coolpix. Since I got my hands on that camera back in 7th grade, I found the enjoyment of creating digital media. During Highschool I taught myself how to use Sony Vegas and Premiere Pro to edit my short films with. My first taste of real world experience during my junior year in HS with GameStop in La Quinta bringing me on to film and edit events for them; as well as a local preditor Nicholas Eliopoulos mentoring me. From there I realized that a career in entertainment would be worth a serious shot so I eventually moved made my way to LA and attended Santa Monica College. Since playing with my Mom's camera I've gone on to shooting and editing music videos with artists, learning graphic design with After Effects, refining editing technique, and gaining insight on how the entertainment industry works. It's an exciting path to continue to go down and I'm sure that the younger me would be wide eyed knowing where I am now.

My name is Amber Romero. I like to think of myself as an Entertainment Swiss Army Knife. Ever since I was 3 years old, I’ve wanted to be a part of the entertainment industry. It all started with acting, then voice acting, and the more I was on set, the more I learned how much really goes into production. So as I like to say, “I got my grubby little hands into everything!” Over the past 6 years, I’ve made it my goal to be on set as much as possible. When I was 17, I produced my own award-winning short film, Cazadora, in which I played the lead, stunt choreographed, and more. As I got older, I started to become more invested in post-production and how to be an effective storyteller, leading me towards social media and I became my own guinea pig with my social media accounts. People took notice of my social media and I started working on theirs too, which made me believe that I was doing something right and I could make a career out of this. And that’s exactly what I plan on doing.

Marci Urling is a creative empathetic storyteller coupled with analytical skills as a lawyer. She spend the greater part of her legal career in parole justice, advocating and protecting the rights of indigent individuals. As creative outlet she trained at the Meisner Acting Conservatory and was bit by the acting bug. Being on stage or on set is a natural way to share stories. She is proud to have written and produced (with SMC) a documentary about Women veterans sharing their stories and struggles of post military life. She has performed and been a part of numerous productions, so she was thrilled to be accepted into the PROMAXBDA program focusing on short form storytelling. She enjoyed writing, casting and producing promo spots. She thrives on the fast pace and respects a deadline. She continues to hone her craft of storytelling as a writer/editor. Her other interest is energy healing. She practices a few modalities and is always learning and growing.

Samantha Lynne Villanueva

Samantha Villanueva was born and raised in Los Angeles. As a Filipino, one of the easiest decisions she made was to pursue the arts instead of being a nurse. She always knew she had a passion for the arts, but it wasn’t until later did she realize her love of story-telling through film. Through free-lance she became versed in film production, video editing, motion graphics, and communication skills. Her music video was selected to screen at the Asian World Film festival and has worked on music videos with over half a million views. Samantha aims to create engaging and emotional driven stories, taking inspiration from directors Hayao Miyazaki, Shigeru Miyamoto, music videos, and action/story-telling games. As a current promo editor, aiming to fully pursue a career as a preditor excites her, as it allows her to continue to implement her experience with music and visual story-telling. Her goal is to provide her skills to achieve and enhance the vision of a studio or production company.

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