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It seems as though there’s never enough time. Between juggling your career to managing your home life and the seemingly unavoidable creep of responsibility, it’s no wonder you are overwhelmed. For every project or task you say “yes” to, there are another three waiting. With resources limited and the demands only increasing, finding a way out of crushing workloads can be daunting.

On top of this, the way we work is undergoing a massive paradigm shift. With more people opting to work in a hybrid model to the upfront and honest conversations about intense and extreme amounts of pressure and burnout, these last few years have only been the beginning. Unique workplace challenges can be severe and radically impact individual performance, team collaboration, and company objectives. It’s no wonder these pressures have influenced creativity, decision-making, and relationships.

Employees who succeed during these times will need to master new advanced leadership skills. But how? By leveraging Promax's diverse, industry-wide reach.

Promax Next is a six-month collaborative leadership program that teaches leaders how to develop momentum to keep their teams motivated and engaged regardless of circumstances.

Promax Next assists with cultivating an environment of readiness — allowing people to reframe, refocus, and realign to empower them to thrive and stay more relevant during times of change. Promax Next also fosters and creates a community environment by giving you tools to thrive and succeed no matter the challenge, all while helping you to support your team.


Promax Next

Created with The Ready Zone, Promax Next provides participants with a foundational overview into The Ready Zone methodology and a deep dive into the six Zone Performance Indicators (ZPIs) which lead to business success and workplaces of increased creativity, innovation and profitability during times of fierce change. Each of the ZPIs measure how an organization is progressing to a high level of readiness and a high level of relevancy:







The degree to which these 6 ZPIs are implemented, nurtured, and measured, is the degree to which an organization stays creative, innovative, profitable, and most of all, relevant.

Promax Next offers leaders with methods for keeping yourself and your teams motivated and engaged regardless of circumstance. You will develop strategies for creating deeper interconnectedness and connection with your teams beyond video meetings along with key sustainable communication strategies that inform and inspire. Learn ways to develop and maintain a powerful mindset during these times of change by framing boundaries and setting expectations with leadership and stakeholders. You will also learn strategies for managing productivity with an employee base who may be facing different issues. Along with approaches for managing competing needs and priorities and how to evaluate them. In the end, you will have a playbook of new leadership skills that are needed to lead during these times.

Promax Next

The PROMAX NEXT Leadership Program is for leaders looking to:

Create environments of productivity, creativity, and innovation when people are moving back to work during times of uncertainty.

Create sustained motivation and inspiration for their teams to keep them feeling valued and valuable.

Reframe, refocus and realign their own leadership, your teams, and your organization.

Lead newly structured teams and provide them with purpose, engagement, momentum, and a plan forward.

Master momentum and reimagine ways of working including how to utilize and leverage talent.

Promax Next Leadership Program Overview


• 6-Month Program.

• Two 90-minute sessions per month, every other week (total of 12 sessions).

• Session breakdown: one session focuses on development from one of the areas of the ZPIs; one session is group masterminding - collaboration, brainstorming, accountability, etc. Each session is recorded and sent to participants to reinforce the learning.

• One 90-minute executive coaching session per person to be leveraged at any time.

• Action steps and plans from session to session.

• Additional resources will be sent monthly to reinforce learnings from each session.

• Participants are divided into "Zone Performance Partners - pairs to be supports for each other throughout the program.

• Voxer app utilized to set up a Mastery group to which there is ongoing audio coaching by Esther Weinberg.

• Cohorts of 8-12 participants


Space is limited


Esther Weinberg

Promax Next is led by The Ready Zone’s Esther Weinberg. Esther is a leadership-training expert that empowers and equips high-level executives in the entertainment industry to build sustainable company cultures based on a foundation of respect, safety, and trust. As Founder & Chief Leadership Development Officer of The Ready Zone, she coaches leaders through change with proven systems to reframe, refocus, realign—and ultimately—put people first. Esther’s breakthrough strategies have helped clients including Netflix, NBCUniversal, Microsoft, WarnerMedia, Sony, CNN, DreamWorks Animation, Discovery Communications, Disney, IMAX, and Nickelodeon. Esther and her team at The Ready Zone partner with Promax to deliver the renowned and acclaimed creative leadership program, Promax Thrive. With close to 100 alumni, Promax Thrive has become an industry standard for grooming and growing high potential creative leaders.


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