PromaxGAMES Mentorship Program
Professional Development

PromaxGAMES Mentorship Program

PromaxGames best in class mentorship program pairs game marketing and entertainment professionals who seek skill development and personal and professional growth with mentors to help hone their leadership style and accelerate career growth.

Benefits of Being a Mentor:

  • Gain personal satisfaction from sharing your own knowledge and insights
  • Enhance coaching, feedback, leadership and networking skills
  • Experience new and different creative styles, approaches and thought processes
  • Receive mentorship and leadership training
  • Expand your reputation as a leader beyond your organization
  • Self-reflect on career experience and future career growth

Benefits of Being a Mentee:

  • Gain unique insights and off-the-record understanding of how to lead in the media and entertainment industry
  • Develop skills and knowledge to accelerate career growth
  • Receive coaching in leadership, negotiation, image management and opportunity recognition
  • Build a stronger professional network

This one-year program begins with a three-hour training session which includes exclusive training for the mentors and provides a collaborative workshop environment for both mentors and mentees to receive training in communications, leadership, and coaching.

Mentors and mentees are recommended to meet once per month for two hours. Between monthly sessions, mentors and mentees correspond via email and phone calls to maintain and strengthen communication channels.

Please contact for more information.

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